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Sea of Cortez Expedition // The Team

TRIAKsports is very happy to be supporting these three extraordinary adventurists in tehir Sea of Cortez Expedition. We are honored they selected the TRIAK as the craft of their choice to blend great sailing and paddling capability to cover ground and carry their gear. Tyler, Erik and Sarah are not only amazing athletes and film makers, but they are constantly mixing environmental causes and awareness with their missions.

Tyler Bradt

Tyler Bradt’s life leads from one adventure to the next. His laid back, easy going demeanor does not foreshadow the tenacity with which he lives life. Having kayaked since the age six, Tyler has traveled most of the world exploring rivers and seeking adventure. He is most commonly known for holding the world record waterfall descent at 189.5 feet, which he accomplished April 21st, 2009 at Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington (a waterfall even bigger than Niagara Falls). Tyler has directed three award-winning action sport films including "Oil and Water Project" which documented the journey from Alaska to Chile in a Japanese fire truck which Tyler converted to run on vegetable oil. The journey became the longest alternatively-fueled land journey to date. Tyler recently finished kayaking the last un-navigated section of the Congo River and in doing so paddled the highest volume and biggest rapids on the planet. The descent will be featured in National Geographic Magazine and in a Red Bull Media House documentary to be released in Spring, 2012.

Jon Turk (L) and Erik Boomer (R)

Erik Boomer has been a feature athlete in numerous extreme-paddling films and is a professional image maker dovetailing his love of adventure and action with the art of photography. His ballsy approach to challenges on and off the river has earned him the title “Honey Badger of kayaking.” Erik's photography has been used in conjunction with film and TV projects and has won several awards in the past few years. Most notably he was an overall finalist in the 2010 Red Bull Illume Photo Contest. Last Christmas he focused on a project about homelessness and personal change; he spent a week embedded as a homeless person on the streets and in homeless shelters in Washington DC. In 2011 Erik spent 104 days circumnavigating northern Canada’s Ellesmere Island with partner Jon Turk using sea kayaks and skis. Their unprecedented, extreme expedition landed them a nomination for 2012 National Geographic Explorers of the Year. His photography of the adventure will be featured in New York Times and Outside Magazine.

Sarah McNair-Landry

Sarah McNair-Landry grew up with the Arctic Ocean and a team of dogs in her back yard. No stranger to the cold, she is the youngest to travel to both the North and South Pole, has traversed the Greenland Ice Cap five times, has crossed the Gobi desert, and has recently guided an expedition to both the South and North Pole. Along with her older brother and teammate Eric, she was nominated for National Geographic's prestigious Adventurer of the Year 2007 Award and received the Outdoor Idol Award in 2007.  Not to mention last winter, along with her brother, she retraced the 3’300 km Northwest Passage route, traveling by kite ski and ski. When she is not in the cold, she spends her time working in film. She has documented all of her expeditions and directed a documentary on waste management issues in northern Canada that was produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

Tyler Bradt

Tyler Bradt
I did my homework and obviously the TRIAK is best suited to our needs. The TRIAK is going to contribute a lot to the uniqueness of the experience and the content we come away with.

Erik Boomer
We are all excited to be in Triaks for this trip. We couldn't think of a better craft for this mission.

Sarah McNair-Landry

Sarah McNair-Landry
Like Tyler said we are all excited to be in Triaks for this trip. We couldn't think of a better craft for this mission.


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